Case Study


Client Discover
Project App, web, branding
Role Experience design & direction

01. The Brand

Discover is a well known financial institution and as one of FCB Chicago's premier accounts, I had the opportunity to enhance many of the digital properties: both public-facing and private (secure) experiences.

During my two years working on the account, I was involved in designing or re-designing over 50 projects. I have selected four major case studies to showcase on this page.

02. Discover App

Redesigning the Discover app was a multidisciplinary effort which resulted in the total overhaul of the UI architecture, functionality, and aesthetics. I was involved in all phases of this project and led the Android redesign, shown here.

My approach was to ground the design in accessibility and clarity — large typography, lots of white space, and just the necessary amount of content for each page to narrow down the user's focus on what's at hand.

Note: the prototype was updated in 2018 from its original version created in 2017.

03. Account Center

Account Center Home is the most visited experience on It is each cardmemeber's first stop once they are securely authenticated. So, we focused on making it a visually pleasing space for our users but also one packed with relevant and important information.

I redesigned the experience by introducing a modular approach with layered content, as well as infusing the components with subtle micro-interactions for optimal user experience. While keeping the front-end framework responsive, this type of approach requires a much more sophisticated content hierarchy based on user testing and feedback, in order to determine the behavior of all components.

04. Discover Chatbot

This project was more of a conceptual challenge. Discover wanted to explore the addition of a modern chatbot component which needed to be portable, scalable and adaptable. I concentrated on building a design and a prototype that would be mobile-friendly with the ability to be implemented as a feature of the Discover app.

The example in the prototype is a case study of a cardmember wanting to redeem their cashback bonus via the chatbot functionality. It is a seamless and quick experience.

05. Discover Deals

I redesigned the Discover Deals experience to be more user-friendly, clear to navigate, and visually appealing. As with most large undertakings, the process was iterative, with several rounds of user testing, and business partners' input.

Many new features were introduced, such as real-time filtering, viewed Deals, and offers that the cardmember has interacted with. The entire robust experience had to be carefully thought through and designed accordingly.

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