Case Study


Client Gaggia
Project App
Role Experience design & direction

01. The Brand

For more than half a century, Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines. Year after year, Gaggia has created beautiful, timeless products inspired by fashion, design and culture of the day, as well as the Italian passion for "La Dolce Vita".

02. The Challenge

Design and build a mobile app that effortlessly syncs with a single automatic espresso machine. Test, iterate, test, fix. Then test and re-iterate some more. Basically craft a digital platform while simultaneously building its partner/counterpart system within the machine itself. Create a process, a design system, then scale it and apply it for future models.

03. Mobile App

Gaggia espresso machines have clean, sculptural design, that fuses intuitive functionality with fashionable style. So naturally the mobile app has to convey that same sense of operating a premium product.

Digital Mind had already done a really solid job in building so there were design elements I leveraged to promote consistency in the brand's digital properties.

This short walkthrough of the app showcases a few key actions — beverage selection and personalization, equipment connectivity, remote brewing, drink statistics.

04. Tablet App

First release of the mobile app is focusing on iOS support and will include a separate application, specifically designed for iPad. Sneak peak below.

05. Remote Brewing

As the driving force behind the mobile app's creation, remote brewing is a fundamental action that needs to be easy, intuitive, and quick. The video below shows how it works in real time. By default, the user is a single button-tap away from getting their beverage prepared.