Case Study


Client HealthJoy
Project App & SaaS
Role Experience design & direction

01. The Brand

HealthJoy is the first and only benefits experience platform. It offers a smarter way for employees to interact with their benefits, make better healthcare decisions, and save money. The platform brings together doctors, advocates, Rx savings, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant, and more, into an easy-to-use mobile app that employees love.

02. Mobile App

The HealthJoy app offers an easy-to-use interface, backed by a robust and complex platform. Members have access to more than 30 features, such as an AI-driven virtual assistant, telemedicine consultations, health and finance account management, and much more. The mobile app delivers to the user the world’s most sophisticated health benefits guidance platform as a single, intuitive and user-friendly resource.

The design is based on simplicity and ease of navigation. The four cornerstone services are always available — chat, consultations, benefits wallet and inbox. All other features are contextually placed throughout the experience to guide our primary users. For our power users, all that HealthJoy offers can be accessed with a single tap.


03. The Admin

The HealthJoy employer dashboard is a robust custom-built platform that serves as a one-stop-for-all environment for all our clients. It is highly extendible and offers user personalization, as well as a great source for realtime reporting.

It's been a welcome challenge to craft from scratch and see through completion a responsive experience that ties in together so many backend pieces, presented in a user-friendly, modern interface.