Case Study

Sir Scotch

Client Personal project
Project App
Role Experience design & direction
in development

01. The Concept

Sir Scotch is a mobile app, created for the single malt connoisseur. It's your pocket encyclopedia for in-depth info on all known Scottish single malts, offering a plethora of useful features, such as head-to-head whisky comparisons, detailed descriptions of each brand and its series of products, the ability to scan any bottle's barcode and get real-time information at your fingertips, and much more.

02. The App

The mobile app is designed to act as an intuitive and interactive knowledge base. The first release will offer a user experience that promotes learning about the many types of Scotch single malts, including rare and discountinued series and brands. The ability to purchase bottles (online or near-by based on location) at this time is not a priority but a secondary feature that will be added in future versions.

03. Barcode Scan

While not revolutionary, this feature is nevertheless very handy in learning more about a particlar bottle. It takes one tap to navigate to the barcode scan within the app. The rest is automatic.

04. Features

  • Explore over 2700 items
  • Robust filter & sort
  • Dynamic search
  • Barcode scan
  • Rate items
  • Head-to-head comparison
  • Save & share comparisons
  • Add to favorites
  • Customize & personalize app
  • Registered users can add items